Blotted Science, Featuring Alex Webster, Announce New Album

Blotted Science

Three years after the release of bug-themed album The Animation of Entomology, instrumental metal band Blotted Science has announced they’ll return to the studio in December to record their next project. Group leader Ron Jarzombek says the new album has a title and nearly forty minutes of music written. Virology will be a concept album again, but the group will have a more open writing process this go around.

Of course, Blotted Science is anchored by death metal icon Alex Webster and rounded out by drummer Hannes Grossmann.

“Our last release, 2011’s The Animation Of Entomology was scored to bug movies, this time around the concept is viruses,” Jarzombek states. “No song titles have been locked up, but Virology likely will appear in the CD title. As of now, we have 37 minutes of completed material and bits of other tunes on which we are working at the moment. So we are well on our way to having enough music for a full-length CD.”

“We are taking a bit of a different approach in terms of song writing, and production on this CD,” he continues. “The tech and brutality will still be there, but we are distributing the writing and production duties more evenly between band members. So Hannes’ and Alex’s writing input on our next release will be more present, adding a bit of a different element to our sound. We will also have some drastic changes in our production, so we’re pretty stoked about this next release.”

There is no set release date. Stay tuned for more details.

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