Colin Trusedell’s Quartet of Jazz Death: The Escape

Colin Trusedell is an active duty Air Force bass player and Colorado State University bass professor. He shared this new video of a tune from his new funk/fusion electronic jazz album, Quartet of Jazz Death. The tune “The Escape” features some seriously beefy bass tone, lots of grooves and solos.

Skip ahead to the 1:13 mark if you want to dive right in.

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The album is available at CDBaby and iTunes.

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  1. I sincerely dig it but it lacks “flava'”& fluidity during the solos. It’s the equivalent of good food but without spices so it’s bland & needs some seasoning of some sort. The music seems stiff at times even though they’re all extremely competent cats.

  2. Mike Matthews

    I dig! I love the fusion vibe. In my opinion, the rhythm sections was great. Drummer is extremely solid. I dug the bass solo quite a bit. The older I get the more I’m (bass headspace) I’m like ‘oh that sounds cool, what is he doing there?’ Which is what I experienced listening to the bass solo. Again, I DIG! Thanks

  3. this is good stuff! jazz fusion is my favorite genre and these dudes are good at it.