Brice Introduces Defiant 53437 5-String Multi-Scale Bass

Brice has introduced a new multi-scale version of their Defiant model. The 5-string Defiant 53437 stands out with a string scale that ranges from 37 inches on the B-string and 34 inches on the G-string with fanned frets to accommodate the adjustment.

Brice Defiant 53437 Natural Mahogany Bass front and back

The Defiant’s design includes slim, dual cutaway mahogany body wings attached to a five-piece maple and walnut neck. Contouring on the heel provides easy access to the upper register of the 24-fret rosewood fretboard.

Electronics include a pair of Cephius passive bar pickups with volume and tone knobs as well as a pickup selector.

The Brice Brice Defiant 53437 is distributed through Rondo Music and is available now for $559.95.

Brice Defiant 53437 Natural Mahogany Bass Details:

Neck:5-piece Maple/Walnut
Width of the neck at the nut:1 3/4″
String spacing at the bridge:2 9/16″
Frets:24 Jumbo
Pickups:Cephius Passive Bar Pickups
Bridge:Individual Saddles
Hardware:Brushed Nickel
Weight:9 pounds

For more information:
Rondo Music

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  1. LeVar Roy

    Looks like a really nice bass. Of course I’d have to hear it first and see reviews but looks promising. And at a great price as well.

  2. ozzydante

    What’s the reason behind the multiple scales? First instrument of this kind i’ve ever seen and i find it very intriging

    • marc valero

      It allows for a tighter B string. It is like on a piano where the bass strings are not only a bigger diameter, but also longer compared to the higher notes. I think Zon made fanned fret basses. Yes, the price looks good if it sound good.

    • A company called Dingwall has been making fanned fret/multi-scale instruments for a couple of decades. Not sure if they were the first but they were one of the first for sure.

      • Ben

        Novax in the US patented the multiscale fretboard. Dingwall basses are made under a Nivax license. However, I read somewhere that the patent recently expired, so now fanned frets can be made by anybody without license.

  3. Alex Blanco

    I’d like to know where I could get those pickups…

  4. Seems like 34-37 would produce a nasally tone. 32-35 seems like a more usuable array.

    • Rae Runge

      Having played a Dingwall fanned fret 5 string, I can assure you that the 37″ B string produces a thunderous, clear, gut thumping tone. Absolutely nothing nasally about it at all!

  5. Galactic Wolf

    Id buy that

  6. Craig Williams

    Would love to have it. I have an SX five string jazz fret less from the Rondo Gang and it’s as good or better than a lot of squiers out there.