Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver: Higher Ground

Drummer Dave Weckl and keyboardist Jay Oliver released Convergence this year. Among the tracks on the album was a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground”. It cooks.

This one has it all… bassist Jimmy Johnson laying down a great line, horns, two drummers and a great vocalist.

Here’s the complete line up:

Lead Vocal:
Chrissi Poland

Dave Weckl and Chris Coleman

Rhythm Section:
Jay Oliver keyboards & programming
Dean Brown guitar
Jimmy Johnson bass

Horn Section:
Brandon Fields Sax
Eric Jorgensen Trombone
Michael McGuffey Trumpet

Backing Vocals:
Nita Whittaker
Raffia Ford
Abdul Hamid Royal

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  1. Mike Matthews


  2. Very nice, but I still like the Red Hot Chili Peppers version better.

  3. Steve Carriere

    There are a few good players in that clip…tight.

  4. Jimmy Johnson = THE tone.
    period… any track he’s recorded from any decade.. TONE

  5. Hey Corey …Indeed, this one took me to Higher Ground !

  6. Wanda C Mundy

    NOT the “complete” line-up. Who’s the keyboardist, and why is HIS name not included ?!?