Korg Introduces PitchHawk G-2 Clip-On Tuner

Korg PitchHawk G-2 Clip-On TunerKorg has updated their PitchHawk clip-on tuner series with the PitchHawk G-2 for bass and guitar. The tuner now has a high-contrast color LCD display for better visibility while its frame has been slimmed down.

The PitchHawk G-2 has dedicated guitar and bass tuning modes with flat and capo settings for alternate tunings. It also has a warning function to prevent from overwinding the string that the company says is mostly targeted at the beginner. Other features include pitch calibration, auto-power off and memory backup.

The Korg PitchHawk G-2 is available with a street price of $29.99.

Korg PitchHawk G-2 Clip-On Tuner Details:

Color LCD Display
Movable Arm/Ball Joint Clip Mechanism
Over-winding Warning
Pitch Calibration
Auto-Power Off
Memory Backup

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  1. Armando

    Anyone knows how well this tracks a Low A string on bass?