Alissia Benveniste: Get Down

One of our favorite musical discoveries this year was Alissia Benveniste, a bassist and bandleader who is reviving the classic funk style with catchy hooks, uplifting lyrics, and awesome bass lines. She just sent us her latest video, and it’s got the same great recipe.

“Get Down” is bursting with energy with an even larger ensemble than her previous songs. Benveniste gets a thick, snarly bass tone with equal parts overdrive and envelope filter to really lay down the groove’s foundation.

Get ready to dance.

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  1. Art

    love it

  2. This is tight!!!!!
    I love it, too!

  3. Mat Lucas

    Prince’s next bass player

  4. David

    This is awesome!

  5. Louise Langlois

    Now that’s what I call “Funk”…Music like I remember…Love it!

  6. Bob DeRosa


  7. Mike Matthews

    I truly appreciate NT for posting these daily videos. You’ve turned me on to quite a few killer cats. And of course Alissia is one of those killer cats! Her music & groove is always stellar. Just awesome bass tone too. She’s just amazingly badass!

  8. What a funky girl.

  9. bootoxkicker

    Nice! Now do it with four strings…

  10. bvdon

    That was awesome…. dig that horn section too.

  11. Anthony

    Is she still at Berklee? If so, they do a great job producing videos. Although she does not have his charisma, I think Alicia might have some success with the Bruno Mars formula.

  12. That would be a whole lotta groovin’ going on…Nice work, Alissia & company ! ?

  13. Jeff D

    Funkay! Love it. This is just what we all need.

  14. Jon

    Amazing ENERGY :)

  15. Raggae

    Woahh!! Great sound!

  16. Damn, she is FANTASTIC! This is a fun all around song, but she really steals the show instrumentally.