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Bruno Tauzin Releases Solo Bass Album 12 Miniatures

Bruno Tauzin: 12 MiniaturesBruno Tauzin, a bass teacher known for video lessons and his work, The Art of Solo Bass, has continued to explore his creativity outside the teaching realm and come up with an album. The new release, 12 Miniatures features original music without bass instruction.

Tauzin’s solo six-string bass is the star of 12 Miniatures.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll hear on the album:

12 Miniatures is available at Bruno’s website.

12 Miniatures Track List:

  1. Miniature Nº 1
  2. Miniature Nº 2
  3. Miniature Nº 3
  4. Miniature Nº 4
  5. Miniature Nº 5
  6. Miniature Nº 6
  7. Miniature Nº 7
  8. Miniature Nº 8
  9. Miniature Nº 9
  10. Miniature Nº 10
  11. Miniature Nº 11
  12. Miniature Nº 12

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