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Best of 2014: The Top 10 Reader Favorite Basses

Over the course of 2014, we featured more than 300 stories on new basses hitting the market.

As with everything gear related, these stories brought more than half a million readers to the site, despite our warnings that these stories may cause GAS.

Here are the top 10 most read and most shared stories in 2014 on No Treble featuring new basses. Enjoy!

Fodera Unveils Victor Wooten Bow Bass Prototype

1. Fodera Victor Wooten Bow Bass Prototype

Victor Wooten is all about stretching boundaries, but most recently he’s teamed up with Fodera to create a radical new bass design. In April, they announced the first prototype of their collaboration, which they called the Bow Bass…

Ibanez Teams with Korg for the SR Kaoss Bass

2. Ibanez/Korg SR Kaoss Bass

Here’s something different: Ibanez teamed up with Korg to introduce the SRKP4 Bass. The 4-string model took the company’s flagship SR model and equips it with a Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2S, which has 100 effect programs that can be controlled real time with a touchpad interface…

Fender Introduces Adam Clayton Signature Jazz Bass

3. Fender Adam Clayton Signature Jazz Bass

U2 bassist Adam Clayton teamed up with Fender to create a new signature bass in 2014. The veteran rocker’s new axe is take on his 1965 Jazz with a few tweaks…

Fender Announces Dee Dee Ramone Precision Bass Guitar

4. Fender Dee Dee Ramone Precision Bass Guitar

Punk bass icon Dee Dee Ramone had his legacy honored with a new signature Precision bass from Fender. The new model, which is based on the bass he used with Ramones, debuted at the “Dee Dee Ramone Exhibition” in New York City’s Chelsea Hotel which opened December 10th…

Rickenbacker Announces 4003W Bass

5. Rickenbacker 4003W Bass

Rickenbacker introduced the W Series of guitars and basses. The lineup is a spin on their classic models, including the 4003 bass, but are made with walnut bodies – though the company states that it’s careful not to change too much from the formulas they use to make instrument…

Gibson Updates Thunderbird and SG Standard Basses for 2015

6. Gibson Updated Thunderbird and SG Standard Basses for 2015

Next year will see the revamp of two classic Gibson basses including the SG Standard and Thunderbird bass models. Each of the basses retained many of their features with improvements including a full contact bridge, thicker and smoother rosewood fingerboards, pearl inlays, comprehensive setups, upgraded output jacks, and more robust cables for improved signal…

Jackson Steel Guitar Company Introduces SlideKing Bass

7. Jackson Steel Guitar Company SlideKing Bass

Here’s something you’ve probably never seen. The Jackson Steel Guitar Company introduced the SlideKing Bass, an instrument that blends a bass guitar with a pedal steel guitar. Introduced at Summer NAMM this year, the bass is set up horizontally with pedals and comes in 4- or 5-string models…

Fender Introduces Classic Player Rascal Bass

8. Fender Classic Player Rascal Bass

Back in 2013, Fender Master Builder Jason Smith created the retro styled Rascal Bass to display at the NAMM Show. “I wanted to build a short-scale bass that was reminiscent of some of the Kay and Danelectro basses,” Smith stated. In August, Fender announced that the Rascal Bass would be put into full production…

Ibanez Unveils Limited Edition Buckeye Burl SR Premium Bass

9. Ibanez Limited Edition Buckeye Burl SR Premium Bass

Ibanez has unveiled a new limited edition version of their SR Premium bass. Built in their Premium facility, the SR Premium LTD SR5BBLTD is set from its apart with a Buckeye Burl top with a matching headstock and pickup covers…

Laurus Introduces Federico Malaman Signature Quasar Bass

10. Laurus Federico Malaman Signature Quasar Bass

Federico Malaman has been impressing us with his playing for years. Now he’s teamed up with Laurus to create the new Federico Malaman Signature Quasar Bass. Based on the company’s Quasar, the instrument is a 5-string fretless with its tuning machines at the bridge…

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