Anthrax Bassist Admits Playing Improved Courtesy of a Stint with Helmet

Frank Bello

You can still learn something new or grow as a bassist, even if you’ve developed a certain style over the course of a couple of decades with one band. At least that’s the lesson one can take from a recent admission by Anthrax bassist Frank Bello.

Back in 2004, Bello left Anthrax after 20 years to play in another metal outfit, Helmet. He reunited with Anthrax the following year, but that doesn’t mean his time with Helmet was wasted. The metal bassist said in a recent interview with Envision Radio’s “Hangar 19” podcast that his stint with the group was quite meaningful.

“Great musicians in that group — absolutely great musicians. And you know what?! I think it made me a better bass player, he said in the interview, as transcribed at “It made me dig in with a pick, and it was a different form of playing for me. And I really enjoyed it. Everything is meant for a reason, but that was a great time in my life.”

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  1. aias kalynikos

    I really don’t see what is to promote by featuring such low quality instrument users , he needs to go to school, ok??