Bass Book Series is a ‘Goldmine’ of Tutorials for All Players

A new series of bass tutorial books from Hal Leonard aims to provide players of all styles with 100 essential lessons.

Hal Leonard Bass Lesson Goldmine Series

The books in the Bass Lesson Goldmine Series — 100 Blues Lessons, 100 Rock Lessons, 100 Jazz Lessons, and 100 Funk/R&B Lessons — offer detailed information in print and via streaming/downloadable audio. Audio CDs of performance demos are also available with the books.

Duos author each book, with Chad Johnson and Chris Kringel handling the blues; Steve Gorenberg and Matt Scharfglass focusing on rock; tackling jazz for both upright and electric bass; and Gorenberg and Kringel covering funk/R&B.

All the books include info on techniques, provide tips, photos, and diagrams. Several also help players learn more about the styles of top players. Player styles explored include those of Willie Dixon, Donald “Duck” Dunn, Jack Bruce, and Jerry Jemmott in the blues book; Paul McCartney, John Paul Jones, John Entwistle, Geddy Lee, Chris Squire, Geezer Butler and Billy Sheehan in rock; and Bootsy Collins, Larry Graham, Flea, Stanley Clarke; Marcus Miller; Victor Wooten; Verdine White; Dunn; James Jamerson; Carol Kaye; and Nathan East in the funk/R&B volume.

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