Thundercat: “Them Changes”, Live in New Orleans

Pitchfork has a great new concert series called Nightcap, where they feature independent artists in late night concerts around the United States. They’re off to a great start with bassist Thundercat, who performed “Tron Song” and a brand new track called “Them Changes.”

Not to be confused with the Buddy Miles song, “Them Changes” is a mid-tempo groove that blurs genres. Thundercat puts on some heavy effects to get a syrupy, wobbly filter sound in addition to a fat bass line.

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  1. Jeremy Sherman

    Any guesses what effects he’s using? What brand envelope filter, etc.? Impressively distinct sound.

  2. Mike Matthews

    The bass needs to be louder. (how many times have we all thought that) Kind of buried by the synth/keyboard player. Very cool none the less. Drummer is f’n solid as can be too. Good stuff!

  3. Hella phuckin’ nasty, mayne! Nice bassist & he sings too. I’d never heard of him until I saw him on Colbert a few weeks back w/ Kendrick Lamar but I see & hear now that he’s an absolute BEAST on his own. The tracking on whatever effect that he’s using is demonic. Of course having those keys behind the bass guitar also make ‘tings phatta’ too, mon’!!!

  4. man. light a match. fon-kay!

  5. Charlie

    I am not familiar with that bass. Looks to be an Ibanez, but ???

  6. ThatGuyInTheShed

    For anyone wondering about the bass it’s a custom shop bass from Ibanez based on their Artcore line. Hope this tune makes it on his next album!

  7. Anthony

    Thundercat makes me think of that movie, “Brother from Another Planet.” He is truly unique and incredibly talented.

  8. Don on bass

    hey guys anyone knows where to find this concert full? i really wanna see the rest of it, but i just can’t find any more than is on youtube… any help?