Radial Engineering Announces the Bassbone V2

After introducing the Bassbone OD last year, Radial Engineering is updating the original Bassbone with the Bassbone V2. The second generation device features a dedicated effects loop, a combination power booster-mute footswitch, and a piezo optimized input for upright bass.

Radial Engineering Bassbone V2

“We recently launched the Bassbone OD which has gained tremendous attention from many of the world’s most prominent bass players,” Radial’s Roc Bubel explains. “Instead of dropping the original Bassbone, we felt that there were many who preferred the smaller footprint and focussed feature set. The Bassbone V2 was developed for this crowd.”

The Bassbone V2 is a two channel bass preamp with separate inputs and level controls. A channel select footswitch allows for toggling between two basses or having two settings to switch between for a single bass.

The second footswitch activates the effects loop, which features a wet-dry control for blending your clean signal in with your effects. Plugging in with a 1/4-inch TRS cable and depressing a recessed Blend switch accommodates basses with stereo outputs by assigning each pickup to each channel. The third footswitch can be assigned to either engage a mute or the Bassbone’s boost. Other features include a phase reverse switch, balanced output, and a tuner output.

The Radial Engineering Bassbone V2 is housed in a 14 gauge steel chassis and is powered by a 15VDC power supply. It’s shipping now with a street price of $259.99.

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  1. Squawk

    How in the world have you all not talked about the announcement of (among other things) the Ampeg DI pedal? I question whether anyone at No Treble actually paid attention to NAMM.

    • Hey Squawk, we just got back from NAMM (exhausted and jetlagged) with a list of 100 new pieces of gear to write about. Maybe give us the chance to cover it all before you say we didn’t pay attention? Sheesh.

  2. Hay algún procesador de efectos o pedalera que tenga el efecto de TUBA? BASS HORN, Podrían poner la información, gracias.

  3. So ugly, yet so sexy… *o*