Ashdown Announces Desktop B-Social Bass Amp

Ashdown Engineering took the opportunity at NAMM to unveil the B-Social, a desktop bass amp that’s loaded with innovative features. The 75-watt stereo amp is boasted as the first desktop amp system for bass guitarists with Bluetooth connectivity that allows the bass to connect wirelessly via an optional transmitter.

Ashdown B Social Bass Amp - White

The “social” aspect of the amp comes from from several features, including the fact that the B-Social has a second input to jam along with another bassist or guitarist. Its Bluetooth connectivity can also connect with your smartphone for streaming music.

Recording is also made easy with a built-in USB audio interface that is compatible with all major digital audio workstations, and the stereo output has a button to enable latency-free monitoring. Ashdown also includes an Apptek input to connect with a smartphone or device to access amp simulator and effects apps. Other connectivity includes a Line In, a Line Out, and a Headphone Output.

The Ashdown Desktop B-Social Bass Amp is loaded with dual five-inch speakers and the company’s signature VU meter. It will come with black, white, and natural wood faceplates. It will be shipping this Spring with projected street prices of $719 including the wireless transmitter and $649 without the transmitter.

Ashdown Desktop B-Social Bass Amp Photos:

Ashdown Desktop B-Social Bass Amp Specs:

Power Output:2 x 35 Watts
Power Requirement:115 – 230v
Speaker Configuration:2 x 5
Frequency Response:60Hz – 20kHz
Connectivity:Bluetooth Wireless, Line IN, Line Out, Headphone Out, USB Audio Interface, App-Tek Socket

For more information:
Ashdown Music

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  1. That’s a lot of scratch for a practice amp. Interesting idea though, I’d be all over it if the price comes back to earth a bit.

  2. James

    If it was cheaper, it would be mine

  3. Battery power? if not no. Would be awesome with battery power though for playing on the street.

    • My thoughts exactly. I’d even take it with way less power if it could be powered by batteries – although that being said, I still love my tiny little Roland Microcube BASS RX.

  4. Virgil

    I wonder why they did not include a DI Output so you could run it to a PA and just use the cab as a stage monitor? Also, they don’t tell you the weight. Also, there are no clips as to how it sounds.

    • Virgil

      Also, there is no screen to protect the speakers. It seems to me that they thought about the tricks this amp can perform, but not the nuts and bolts.

  5. Wayne Renardson

    Mark Gooday of Ashdown tells me the B-Social amp weighs 10 Kgs.

    A kilogram weighs 2.2 pounds.

    Wayne R.

  6. I like this idea, as I love the Roland cube lite I have as a desktop guitar amp/iPhone radio. But that seems like a bit more power, weight, and price than what I’m really looking for in a desktop amp.

  7. What’s “social” about sitting at your desk playing bass alone?