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Om, Featuring Al Cisneros, Releases very Limited Edition “Live”

Om: LiveIf you love live records, vinyl albums, and heavy drone/psychedelic band Om, you need to take a look at Live. The band includes Al Cisneros (also known for his work in Sleep) on vocals and bass.

The four-track record is intended to capture the sound of the group’s 2013 European tour. Around 1,000 copies of the album were pressed and less than 800 copies are available on Acapulco Gold-colored vinyl. Cisneros’ intent with the record’s design was to recreate the feeling of looking through album bins to find an “import”/bootleg record by favorite band.

Check out some of the record:

Live is available on vinyl.

Live Track List:

  1. Sinai
  2. Meditation is the Practice of Death
  3. 1 Cremation Ghat I
  4. Bhimas Theme

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Fantastic bassist and a fantastic band. Saw them live last year, and it was a heck of a show. Al is one of the most underrated rhythmic bassists out there. Doesn’t ever overplay, even though he certainly has the chops to do so.

PS – If you want one and the link shows sold out, make sure you check out Om’s Merch Table website.