The Brothers Johnson: Strawberry Letter 23 (Isolated Bass)

Here’s one great and funky bass line, isolated for your listening pleasure.

The tune is “Strawberry Letter 23” by The Brothers Johnson. The bassist of course is the legendary Louis Johnson.

Rick Suchow, who shared the isolated track, shares some info on this one:

“Hear the actual bass track from the Brothers Johnson tune ‘Strawberry Letter 23’, from the original master tape. At 4:20 of this video, the entire song replays with full band & vocals but NO DRUMS, so you can clearly hear the bass in context. (There is an electronic hi-hat in this mix).”

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  1. one funkayy bass line

  2. Poquito Cabeza

    4:20 :)

  3. lowphatt

    this is like finding buried treasure. booty!!!

  4. Ride-O-Rocket plzkthx

  5. Mike Matthews

    Classic Bass Goodness!!!

  6. Michael Flowers

    That is one bad as BASS line I wish I could have been there for you laying down that drum track Mike flowers.

  7. Richard Shaft

    Actually, Shuggie Otis wrote this song and recorded it first

  8. Sam Lightbourn

    Thanks for putting this out there. Still one of my favorite BJ tunes

  9. Some good old massive dance funk bass with a ton of STANK power .

  10. Jay

    My inspiration as a child to play bass , Louis Johnson !

  11. Birgitta J.

    Bless you for posting this…My ears are melting…too funky for life….

  12. Al Gates

    Nothing like the sound of a EB stingRay. The inspiration of me becoming a fan of the sound of a Music Man. His syncopation was so great. Kudos for sharing this.

    • funkyinthemiddle

      Actually this is pre EB. HE is playing Leo’s MM. ;)

      • George

        Can’t help but wonder if in this song it’s omething other than a Sting Ray that he’s playing. It’s a very different sound than you hear on his later stuff (like the bass solo on Stomp), which to my ears has the distinct MM Sting Ray sound. Sounds more like the bridge pickup of a. Jazz bass. Maybe it was the Alembic he used to play?

        • George

          Btw – Louis Johnson was the reason I bought a Sting Ray back before Ernie Ball took over. Ended up selling that bass. Regretted it ever since.


    Again I must express. All these videos of great technicians on this site. Two hand tapping and false harmonics all cool stuff. But here is the real deal.. This is how you stay gainfully employed.

  14. Jeffrey

    That funk stank. I’m feeling it.

  15. Darrell

    This was a Alembic series bass. The bass solo on stomp was a Musicman Saber bass.

  16. Eddieonbass

    That bass line will live forever