Bass of the Week: Healy Guitars Healer Bass

Healy Guitars Healy Bass

This week we check out the Healy Guitars Healer Bass. Based in Easthampton, Massachusetts, the company is headed by luthier Trevor Healy, who spent years honing his craft under the legendary Roger Sadowsky, Joe Zon, and others.

The Healer is a take on a classic bass and features a curvy, offset mahogany body. Its set-neck is also made of mahogany and is topped with a rosewood fretboard inlaid with bone dot fret markers. The headstock is capped with ebony to contrast with the Healer’s cream acrylic pickguard.

Healy fits the bass with a pair of TV Jones Thundertron pickups, which the Jones website describes as having “thunderous bottom-end with superior dynamic sensitivity and punch.” The bass is rounded out with Goth Ultralite hardware, vintage radio knobs, and a urethane finish.

For more information, check out the Healy Guitars website.

Healy Guitars Healer Bass Photos:

Healy Guitars Healer Bass Specs:

Fretboard Inlay:Bone Dot
Heastock:Ebony Cap
Pickups:TV Jones Thundertron
Bridge:Gotoh Ultralite
Tuners:Gotoh Ultralite

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  1. Doc Long

    Interesting how the neck is connected to the body. Love the finish. Would like to see a different pick guard color. I know that sounds picky but this bass deserves better.

  2. RndMdnight

    Are the knobs Volume & Tone, two separate volume knobs, or some other configuration? I’m assuming the toggle is a pickup selector. There’s no additional info about it on the website.

  3. I like the looks of this bass a lot. The dulled curves make it look like it sounds like it looks. ;)

  4. Hey, Kevin, it’s the 9th. Where’s this week’s bass?