Seymour Duncan Introduces Studio Bass Compressor

Seymour Duncan Studio Bass Compressor PedalSeymour Duncan has added to their lineup of bass products with the introduction of the Studio Bass Compressor, a pedal the company says is designed to provide increased sustain, accentuated picking and evened out single-note runs.

The pedal is designed for versatility while keeping things intuitive. I has Level, Attack, and Compression knobs for controlling the tone, while a Blend knob allows you to control the amount of wet signal. A 3-way Low/Full/Mid EQ switch adjusts the frequency content of the dry signal that is blended in with the compressed signal, which Seymour Duncan explains makes it easier to bring back your dynamic range.

The Seymour Duncan Studio Bass Compressor features true-bypass and runs on either a nine-volt battery or a nine-volt adapter. It will be shipping soon with a street price of $169.

Seymour Duncan Studio Bass Compressor Pedal Details:

[specs cols=”2″ data=”Compression Ratio:|Soft-knee, adjustable from 1:1 to > 20:1|Maximum Compressor Gain:|+33dB|Attack Speed:|Adjustable from 8ms to 27ms|Input Impedance:|1 Megohm|Output Impedance:|2.75K ohms maximum|Maximum Input Level:|3 Vrms|Distortion:|< 0.3% at 300mV RMS output at 1 kHz|Noise referred to Input:|-110dBV, 400 Hz 20 kHz, input shorted|Compressor Type:|Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)|Power:|9V battery or 9V to 18 Vdc regulated adapter, center pin negative polarity|Current Consumption:|21mA operate, 19mA bypass|Dimensions:|2.60″ wide X 5.0″ long X 1.45″ high|Weight:|0.67 lbs."] For more information:
Seymour Duncan

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