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Dahrendorf Guitars Introduces Daikatana Bass

Dahrendorf Guitars has unveiled a new five-string model called the Daikatana. Named after a Japanese longsword, the bass is built with two matching Sapele halves with Pao Ferro reinforcement in between. Dahrendorf says the combination gives the bass a “sharp attack, a deep resonance and an endless sustain.”

Dahrendorf Guitars Daikatana Bass

The Daikatana has a multi-scale design that ranges from 36 inches on the B string to 33 inches on the G string. The neck, which is a continued piece of the body, sports a Pao Ferro fingerboard with a compound radius from 12″ to 24″.

It’s fitted with a set of the company’s own neodymium single-string pickups, which are single-coil designed but wound in reverse one after another to form a humbucking row. The bridge is also Dahrendorf’s own Shutter design. Each single-string bridge is made of bell brass and has three-way string adjustments.

The Dahrendorf Daikatana is available now with a base price of $3,499.

Dahrendorf Guitars Daikatana Bass Photos:

Dahrendorf Guitars Daikatana Bass Specs:

Body:Sapele/Pao Ferro
Neck:Sapele/Pao Ferro
Fingerboard:Pao Ferro
Bridge:Dahrendorf Shutter single-string bell brass bridge
Pickups:Dahrendorf Neodymium single-string pickups

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