Bass of the Week: Prometeus Guitars Kirlian 8

Prometeus Guitars Kirlian 8 Bass Angled

Prometeus Guitars has a way with creating interesting body shapes that still function well. They also have a knack for extended range basses. Both of those features are showcased on their Kirlian 8, a multi-scale eight-string bass that will stop you in your tracks.

The Prometeus is built around a padouk neck and wenge fingerboard with fanned frets. The strings, which range in scale from 35 inches to 32 inches, are spaced by 17mm. Its body wings are wenge topped with madrone burl, while the back features a zebrawood toneblock.

Prometeus rounds things out with matching padouk shells housing a ceramic Firekeeper humbucker, black hardware, and padouk knobs.

For more information, check out the Prometeus Guitars website.

Prometeus Guitars Kirlian 8 Bass Photos:

Prometeus Guitars Kirlian 8 Bass Specs:

Scale:35″ - 32″
Body:Wenge with Zebrawood Toneblock
Top:Madrone Burl
String Spacing:17mm
Pickup:Ceramic Firekeeper Humbucker
Pickup Cover:Padouk/Wenge

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  1. Some sound ! I don’t want a bass to hang it on the wall but to play it – although this instrument design is one of a kind…
    Arnaud Ziéba

    • Hello Arnaud, the bass is actually owned by the bassist of the Metal band NYN. Look for them on Facebook, he even posted a video when he got the bass months ago.

  2. Serge LeBlanc


  3. Ron May

    I’m gonna assume this creature is tuned F# to F; someone correct me if I’m wrong. But I’ve always wondered about sub-B tones…..can one get decent definition with a low F#?

  4. Hello Ron, sorry for the huge delay. Yes, the bass is tuned F# – F and obviously has no definition problems. I even went much lower with bigger basses… down to C# and even G#!