Erlend Caspersen: Spawn of Possession’s “The Evangelist” Playthrough

Buckle up your seat belts, because Erlend Caspersen’s latest playthrough is bound to knock you out of your seat.

This time he shows how to play Spawn of Possession’s “The Evangelist” from the Swedish death metal band’s third album, Incurso. Caspersen delivers unrelenting riffs over the nearly ten minute song that will make you question the laws of physics. He switches to a fretless six-string for a portion of the song and finishes out with a theremin for good measure.

Be sure to watch this one in HD.

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  1. I like that bass,I think I’ll buy a Warwick so I can jam like Erlend.
    Get down with your bad self Erlend ,
    I’ve never even seen or held a 5 or 6 string bass.

    Famous aren’t I.

  2. thicker strings

    Just recently discovered Spawn of Possession; great band, and “Incurso” is a fantastic record.

  3. WOW that’s killing!

  4. I Hate Death Metal. to me its not “Music” any more than Rap is. Read Victor Wootens book. and you’ll know what music really is.

    • Those little pop ups that block our view when watching one of these videos that say
      {Written A Book – Need to Publish} are pretty irritating . Almost as bad as ,,, what was I going to say, as bad as ,,, well it slipped my mind yet again.

    • Drago

      I hate Victor Wooten . To me it’s not “Music” any more than Reggae is. Read Alex Websters book and you’ll know what music really is.

    • Casey

      Bojan sums it up, it’s all music regardless of it being your taste or not. Being biased about it is along the same lines as being racist or homophobic. We’re not closed minded bigots, simply musicians.

  5. Death Metal sounds jumbled up to me , Victor Wooten plays pretty good but seems to be missing something.
    What I liking best is the bass playing of Miki Santamaria, Josh Cohen along with Viktor L?rincz .
    These guys sound excellent to me, I guess its what your in to.
    Then again Death Metal may sound great to some people, but I don’t get it.

  6. Well first things first and last things last- my jaw is still hanging on the floor…..