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Jazz, World, and Chamber Music Merge on Petros Klampanis’ New Album

Petros Klampanis: Minor DisputeJazz bassist/composer Petros Klampanis has released his second album on Inner Circle Music: Minor Dispute.

The Greek musician, who burst into view via the New York City jazz scene, has created a work that pulls from a variety of influences, including jazz, of course, and world and chamber music. The core of Minor Dispute is more than the sum of its parts, however.

“My main source of inspiration while composing the music for Minor Dispute,” Klampanis states, “was how we embrace and express the bright and dark aspects of our characters during the process of becoming better human beings. Minor Dispute is essentially a study on honesty.”

Check out where he takes his music on “Monkey Business”:

Minor Dispute is available as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Minor Dispute Track List:

  1. Minor Dispute
  2. Monkey Business
  3. Lily’s Promenade
  4. March of the Sad Ones
  5. Ferry Frenzy
  6. Luiza
  7. Thalassaki

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