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METZ Releases Sophomore Album

METZ: IIPost-punk trio METZ has released its second effort, II, which the band describes as a “heavier, darker, and sloppier” album than its debut.

The band, with Chris Slorach on bass, wrote the record over the course of about six months and recorded II in three different Canadian studios.

The trio have created a loud, intense sound. Check it out on “Acetate” from II:

II is available on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

II Track List:

  1. Acetate
  2. The Swimmer
  3. Spit You Out
  4. Zzyzx
  5. I.O.U.
  6. Landfill
  7. Nervous System
  8. Wait in Line
  9. Eyes Peeled
  10. Kicking a Can of Worms

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