Bass of the Week: o3 Guitars Rhodium Purplehaze

This week we take a look at another eye-catching bass from o3 Custom Guitars called the Rhodium. The Spanish-made bass is also called the Purplehaze due to its gorgeous purple satin finish over its ash body.

Its neck is a five-piece laminate comprised of flamed maple and wenge with a pau ferro toneblock. The bass is fitted with a pair of Aguilar DCB pickups matched to an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp. Other features include a matching headstock, an ETS custom bridge with string-thru-body, and Gotoh Resolite tuners.

o3 Guitars Rhodium Purplehaze Bass Specs:

Body:American Ash
Neck:5-piece Flamed Maple/Wenge, Graphite Reinforced
Toneblock:Pau Ferro
Fretboard Radius:12″
Inlay:Mother of Pearl
Pickups:Aguilar DCB
Electronics:Active/Passive Aguilar OBP-3
Bridge:ETS Custom
Tuners:Gotoh Resolite
Finish:Satin, Open Pore
Color:Purple Haze
Weight:8.5 lbs

For more information, check out the o3 Guitars website.

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  1. Mike Matthews

    Beautiful bass.

  2. I can’t find it anywhere on their website. Anyone have a link to the actual bass?

  3. Kevin I like the bridge it looks sturdy plus the string thru , wonder why the E string isn’t thru the body , did they cut the string too short or.
    For heavens sakes this is one fine looking bass.
    Purplehaze all in my brain ,lately things they don’t seem the same.
    I want this bass , I want it , I want it , I want it .

  4. Mtk

    Wow beautiful look and awesome sound

    • Are you MTK and maybe other aliases you use , sorry you don’t like the bridge , what is it you don’t like , its much better than the bridge on my new Fender J. bass the bridge saddles move around, that’s why I like the bridge to this bass it seems sturdy ,easily adjustable unlike my new bass.
      Anyhow your entitled to your opinion but think you write this just to disagree with me.
      Are you sad , sorry about that , I know the feeling , maybe it will pass like it did for me .

    • I clicked on to Sadman’s reply who said (I don’t )and it said reply to MTK under my first reply about the bridge and it was sent here above this reply to MTK.
      Wonder what that’s about, maybe this person is using too many aliases, maybe not.