Maxon Introduces the BD10 Hybrid Bass Driver

Maxon BD10 Bass DriverMaxon has announced the BD10 Hybrid Bass Driver, a bass overdrive pedal that features a symmetrical clipping circuit for “heavy yet articulate distortion.” The company teamed up with famed Japanese bassist Masaki to design the unit to keep up with extended techniques.

The BD10 has a dedicated clean level for mixing in your dry signal. It also boosts up to +6dB, allowing it to act as a semi-clean boost or as a linedriver for your signal chain. Grit is added with the Drive knob to dial in the amount of distortion, while a Drive Level knob controls the level of the driven signal with up to 14dB of boost. Finally, individual bass and treble knobs give further tonal tweaking ability.

The Maxon BD10 Hybrid Bass Driver is available now with a direct price of $169.

Maxon BD10 Hybrid Bass Driver Details:

Symmetrical clipping circuit yields heavy yet articulate distortion
Dedicated Clean Level knob with +6 dB max Boost
Dedicated Drive Level knob with +14 dB max Boost
Dedicated Drive knob to control amount of Distortion
Individual Bass and Treble knobs for precise tonal control
Buffered Bypass Switching
Made in Japan

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  1. I want one but cant afford it eeeewwww geeezzz man what’s next.
    I use two rolled up paper towels under my strings by the bridge to mute wiggling string noise and it works eeeewwwww , can I trade my minute made muting for a Maxon BD10 Hybrid Bass Driver.

  2. Jeff Neilson

    Ooooo I LIKE this one

  3. Richard F.

    Wish I had waited for this to release instead of buying a Darkglass B3K. Nothing against the B3K, just digging this way more.