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High On Fire Keeps The Metal Alive on New Album

High On Fire: LuminiferousMetal band High On Fire’s seventh studio album, Luminiferous, is also its second with Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou as producer.

The album from the trio, which includes Jeff Matz on bass, snagged an NPR First Listen feature and a review that states that it captures the band’s “unique chemistry, presenting it in a tone that’s both warm and aggressive to the point of leaping out at the listener.”

Hear what the reviewer meant on the opening track from Luminiferous, “The Black Plot”:

Luminiferous is available on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Luminiferous Track List:

  1. The Black Plot
  2. Carcosa
  3. The Sunless Years
  4. Slave the Hive
  5. The Falconist
  6. The Dark Side of the Compass
  7. The Cave
  8. Luminiferous
  9. The Lethal Chamber

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