Bass Lick Series: Funky Bass Breakdown in E

Here’s another lick to add to your bag of tricks. Once again, I’m using open strings as described in past lessons.

This one is a groovy bass line you can play over a E7, E9 or E13 chord using the Em dorian scale with the Major 3rd added (G#). Omit the G# and use it over a minor chord/key.

Follow along with the video and this transcription (standard notation and tab). For you 4-string players, simply substitute the E on the 5th fret of the B string with the open E string.

For the gear heads: I’m playing my Sandberg California MarloweDK Signature 5-string bass strung with Dunlop Nickel Strings, through a TC Electronic BG250 combo with a compressor Toneprint, using the direct out into Logic Pro. I’m favoring the bridge pickup in this lick.

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  1. Doc.Hoc.

    Thomas you got the groove going on dude , unlike me . Well I kind of have this groove thing of my own. I keep it to myself so no one can judge me.I don’t give in or up very easy.

    • Jammal Brownlee

      Do you prefer Miki Santamaria or Thomas Risell, Mark?

      • Doc.Hoc.

        Both bassist have their own style , it really doesn’t matter to me as long as I can learn from them.
        We cant really compare these two bassist ,,, both guys are excellent as is Davie504 , Remco Hendrix , Mark J Smith , Paul Wolfe , Scott Divine , who did I leave out , mojobass and you Jammal.

        okay song time ,

        Well we’re big rock singers , we got golden fingers and we’re loved everywhere we go ,
        we sing about beauty and we sing about truth , at ten thousand dollars a show,
        we take all kinds of pills that give us all kind of thrills , but the thrill that we’ve never known ,
        is the thrill that will getcha , when you get your picture on the cover of the Rollin’ Stones.

        (Rollin’ Stone…) Wanna see my picture on the cover ,
        (Stone…) Wanna buy five copies for my mother…
        (Stone…) Wanna see my smilin’ face
        On the cover of the Rollin’ Stone ,,,


  2. mojobass

    BASS ON,Thomas ….Always a pleasure listening in on you .Cheers!

  3. MikeyOnBass

    Ya know at times ‘our’ comments are rather funny… and rather confusing… Oh yeah, Cool Goove Marlowe.