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Damian Erskine Releases “Within Sight”

Damian Erskine: Within SightDamian Erskine has released, Within Sight, an album that explores the boundaries of the bass in jazz fusion. The long-awaited followup to 2010’s So To Speak features the bassist’s unique voice on nine original compositions that vary in tone and texture for an intriguing listen.

“This album is my attempt to put it all out there,” Erskine writes. “The chance to make an album that puts it all on the line and creates a snapshot of who I am as a bassist today, with no compromises.”

Erskine tapped pianist George Colligan, guitarist Tom Guarna, and drummer Reinhardt Melz to round out the album, and it’s hard to imagine a better lineup. The group’s chemistry is palpable, giving Within Sight an organic and energetic vibe. Erskine’s interest in latin music is brought out by percussionist Miguel Bernal, who adds congas and batá to “Stumptown Stumble” and “Bestowal”.

Within Sight is available now on Erskine’s website and CD Baby.

[Editor’s note: Damian Erskine is a regular columnist on No Treble.]

Within Sight Track List:

  1. To The Rest
  2. Who By Now
  3. Begin Within
  4. Bestowal
  5. Stumptown Stumble
  6. Altitude Adjustment
  7. Song for Zoey
  8. Within Sight
  9. Fifty Out of One