Anthrax: Caught In A Mosh, Live

Thrash metal legend Frank Bello‘s birthday is today, and we’re celebrating with his band Anthrax’s “Caught In A Mosh”. The clip is taken from The Big 4 concert in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2010.

The song, originally heard on 1987’s Among the Living, is a shining example of the bassist’s style. After the intro, Bello sets up the main riff to bring the band in and never lets up on the intensity.

Happy birthday, Frank Bello!

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  1. Mike Matthews

    Brings back some good ole (and slightly foggy) memories.

  2. David

    Had been playing about a year befor this song was out… Was 16… I heard it once and was truly inspired to try and get that same kick ass punchy sound that Frank has… Let me tell ya the gear I had at the time was sort of limiting on a Harmony bass and the smallest amp that Radio Shack put out at the time…. LOL lets just say it didn’t happen till I was older and actually able to buy the gear myself.. ehh well thanks for trying anyhow Dad you made this first investment the rest was left to me