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Sublime With Rome Releases Second Album

The sound of reggae/rock band Sublime remains alive via its bassist, Eric Wilson, through the band Sublime With Rome.

Wilson is the only Sublime member currently in the group, which has released its second album, Sirens.

The album is being billed as a return to the band’s roots, with a rawer sound like that of the original band.

See if you agree after taking a listen to “Wherever You Go”:

Sirens is available on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Sirens Track List:

  1. Sirens (feat. Dirty Heads)
  2. Wherever You Go
  3. Brazilia
  4. House Party
  5. Been Losing Sleep
  6. Promise Land Dub
  7. Best of Me
  8. Put Down Your Weapon
  9. Run and Hide
  10. Skankin
  11. Gasoline

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This sounds nothing like sublime.



This doesn’t sound “raw” in the slightest. Very polished to my ear. In any case, not very similar to early Sublime, if that’s what they were aiming at.

Adam Meinerding

I don’t mind it, wish they’d change their name though.