Esperanza Spalding: Good Lava

Ever since she announced a tour in April, I’ve been dying to hear Esperanza Spalding‘s new music. Dubbed Esperanza Spalding Presents: Emily’s D+Evolution, the bassist describes the project as a way of “going back and reclaiming un-cultivated curiosity, and using it as a compass to move forward and expand.”

Here’s a clip of Spalding performing the new song “Good Lava” with her band at the Skype Live Studio. The music is definitely an evolution of Spalding’s sound, mixing jazz and R&B with hints of rock power trios from the ’60s.

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  1. Mike Matthews

    Pretty hip and kind of trippy in a progressive type of way… or something like that. Regardless, I DIG !!!

  2. It’s pretty cool , but nothing new . She’s taken a page from Lori Anderson …..

  3. That was really cool and very hip. I hope the new compilation is more like this and edgier.

  4. Kenny Reigh

    Got My Vote

  5. Anthony

    Esperanza is looking like Deoindra, the Internet phenom. I am looking forward to her next album.