Geddy Lee’s R40 Tour Gear Rundown

Prepare to geek out. Our friend Christopher Buttner got a special tour of Geddy Lee‘s gear during the Tampa, Florida show of Rush’s R40 tour. Lucky for the rest of us, he recorded it. From the plethora of basses to the amps and even the signal chain, Buttner got the scoop on the whole rig.

Take a peek behind the curtain:

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  1. Mike Matthews

    Pretty Cool – thanks NT ?

  2. OMG this just made my day. It’s so funny to think of him using a T-bird. I’m guessing that’s used on any Who covers. Seeing the collection he has in his basement from the Rock Icons series makes it look like he curates a museum of bass history. I’m glad he’s taking some of it out on the road.

    • Haji

      His collection really is a collection, rather than just owning a bunch of basses.
      I’m with you Kurt. It’s great to see them shared with us fans.

  3. JD Ryan

    Kinda disappointed to not see the Wal in that lineup.

    • Mike Matthews

      That’s right, I totally forgot he was playing a Wal for a while…

  4. Addison

    Very cool. I was fortunate enough to attend the R40 tour. I noticed how many different basses he played that night. Good stuff. XD

  5. mojobass

    Very Cool!

  6. Doc.Hoc.

    Amazing to have that many basses.
    Am I dreaming , I cant sleep so.

  7. Snippy Doodle

    Great collection. I wish he could have pulled some of those out of the rack so we could have had a better view.

  8. video removed by user!

  9. SOMEONE REPOST THIS VIDEO (or offsite link…) FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Tone

    Bummer, the video is removed???? I like fender basses, so I just wanted to peek wich one he would use for the gig..?