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Reader Spotlight: Gabriel Vilches

Gabriel Vilches

Gabriel Vilches’s father took him to see KISS when Gabriel was fifteen years old. The next day, he began playing the bass, and he hasn’t stopped yet. We love his story.


I’m a bass player, composer and producer of Argentina, who loves music. I started playing in rock bands in my hometown, La Plata, later I played jazz and later, Funk, those are my three favorite genres. I started to make my first jobs as a musician in the local bars, was a chance to see there I moved to Buenos Aires to develop my career. I was fortunate to work for many artists as Celeste Carballo (Rock), Gustavo Giles Selection Group (Fusion), the Spanish singer Melendi (Pop / Rock, Warner Music), the Puerto Rican singer Lucecita Benitez (Boleros), Emanuel Ntaka (Reggae / pop), Lowrdez and Lissa (pop), Germán Fratarcangelli (chamame and littoral music), Juan M. Valentino (Jazz), Ricardo “Chiqui” Pereyra (Tango), Pepe Angelillo (Jazz Funk), Juan Darthés and Claribel Medina, Diego Mizrahi (Jam Session TV) and Odino faccia (Pop / Rock). I was a bass player of Jam Session, a televised program, led by Diego Mizrahi and issued by Metro channel. In the same I made testings for major brands of instruments and amplifiers, make clinics and accompanying guest musicians, among them are Litto Nebia, Juanchi Baleirón, Leo Garcia, Gonzalo Aloras, Claudio Marciello, Guillermo Bonetto (Los Cafres), Wire Gonzalez, JAF, The Black Garcia Lopez, Claudia Puyo and Rodolfo Garcia (Almendra) among others. I played in many festivals around the world, like a Festival of Vina del Mar (Chile), Festival for Peace (Mexico), Festival of Cosquin Festival Rocks of Villa Maria and Jazz Festival Pinamar (Argentina). In 2011 edit my first album, Hipocondriaco. The same is composed of seven instrumental songs, which mix funk, rock and air of Argentine music, all filtered through the language of jazz. In 2014 edit my second album titled Realidad. Turning the musical direction, this material consists of ten songs Pop Rock where besides bassist debuted as a singer.


San Justo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Day gig:

I´m a bass teacher and record as a bassist or producer.

Years experience:

16 years, since 1999

Bands & Gigs:

I am currently the bassist of The Orquestonga, a group of Latin and world music formed by renowned musicians of Argentina, Uruguay and Spain. I am also the bass player of the Jam Session of Jazz of Ramos Mejia (Buenos Aires). I have my own group that played my last album.



  • Mel Guitars – Custom Jazz Bass 4 string
  • Mel Guitars – Custom Jazz bass 5 string
  • Fender Precision ri 57
  • Fender Jazz Bass Fretless

Amps & Cabs:

  • Gallien Krueger 700RB
  • EBS Reidmar
  • Cabinet Gallien Krueger 410
  • Cabinet Gallien Krueger 210
  • Fender Bassman 150 combo

Why I play the bass:

When I was 15, my father took me to my first big show, KISS. See Gene Simmons on stage made me know that I wanted to do. The next day I started to play bass.

My bass superpower/claim to fame:

I adapt to all – working conditions, musical styles, and I like to do bass lines more than solos. I think that’s my bass superpower.

My influences:

Gene Simmons, Marcus Miller, Guillermo Vadala, Paul McCartney, Fito Paez, Deep Purple, Stevie Wonder, Gustavo Cerati, to name a few..

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