NOISE Audio Design Unveils The Perfect Storm Bass Preamp

NOISE Audio Design The Perfect Storm Bass Preamp (angled view)

Veteran tube amplifier tech Blackie Pagano of NOISE Audio Design has unveiled The Perfect Storm, a limited edition high-transconductance, high-current tube bass guitar preamp. The sleek preamp takes its moniker from a realization Pagano had after receiving a box of Russian-made 6C45pi tubes, which are sensitive to audio signals and, despite their small size, run the same currents of larger power tubes.

“Based on these astounding specs and sonic potentials, this 6C45pi tube sparked huge interest in audio circles. Holding the near-bulletproof glass in my sweaty hands and gazing at the thick, rugged internal structure with one eyeball, while scanning the nearly unbelievable datasheet and super-linear response curves with the other wide eye, came a single blinding thought: sensitive to preserve touch and dynamics but with the brute force of current behind it…this thing is THE PERFECT STORM for Bass,” Pagano wrote.

The Perfect Storm has volume, treble, midrange, bass, and sensitivity controls with a bright switch. It features two 600 ohm line level outputs to drive power amplifiers or a direct feed. Pagano makes each preamp by hand with 3/8-inch T6061 aircraft aluminum construction and a solid 1/8-inch copper ground plate. Other features include polyester film and foil signal path capacitors, low ESR high temperature long life power supply capacitors, Nichicon Muse signal path electrolytics, non-inductive 1% power supply resistors, carbon composition signal path resistors, teflon tube sockets, and 4% eutectic silver solder.

Pagano is offering the Perfect Storm through Kickstarter in batches of ten. The preamp is available for $1,495, while pledging $1,795 allows for custom voicing of the brightness switch and midrange cut/boost. Finally, a pledge of $2,495 gets the Perfect Storm with custom voicing as well as all horizontal plates being made from solid copper and signal path wiring being done with solid fine sliver.

NOISE Audio Design The Perfect Storm Bass Preamp Details:

Volume, treble, midrange, bass, and sensitivity controls / bright switch
2 x 600 ohm line level out to drive power amplifiers or direct feed
2 x 6C45pi tubes
3/8″ rugged T6061 aircraft aluminum construction
Solid 1/8″ copper ground plane
Each preamp comes with a custom carrying case

For more information:
NOISE Audio Design Kickstarter page

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  1. Rick

    it sounds great, but it´s quite expensive. no, thanks.