Malekko Heavy Industry Introduces The Scrutator

Malekko Heavy Industry Scrutator PedalMalekko Heavy Industry has unveiled the Scrutator, a sample rate and bit reduction pedal built around the company’s new DSP platform. It offers external control over any combination of Rate, Bit, Filter, and Q controls via expression pedal or control voltage as well as a switchable 2-pole bandpass or lowpass filter.

The pedal begins with a Preamp control for controlling input gain/attenuation. From there, the signal can be distorted in several ways. The Bit Rate control can reduce the signal from approximately 16 bit to 2 bit, while the Sample Rate can be reduced from 48kHz to 300Hz. Its Q control adjusts the filter bandwidth and amplitude amount.

The Malekko Scrutator is available now for $189.00.

Malekko Heavy Industry Scrutator Pedal Features:

Expression or CV input for controlling and modulating Bit, Rate, Filter, Q and any combinations of these settings
Pre Amp control for input gain/attenuation
Bit Rate reduction control from approximately 16bit to 2bit
Sample Rate reduction control from approximately 48kHz to 300Hz
Selectable 2 pole Bandpass or Lowpass Filter
Q control for filter bandwidth and amplitude amount
Clip LED indicates input clipping and adjustable with Pre Amp control

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