Xotic Effects Introduces Xotic Voltage Doubler

Xotic Effects has unveiled the Xotic Voltage Doubler, a power adapter that steps up voltage output to either 15 or 18 volts from a standard 9-volt power source. The compact device has a simple input and output with a switch to toggle between 15 or 18-volt output.

Xotic Voltage Doubler

The device, which is designed only for Xotic pedals, helps to run pedals at higher voltages. The company explains this can provide several benefits including more headroom, added dynamics, clearer top-end, extended bass, and less compression. Xotic suggests using the AC Booster, RC Booster, BB Preamp, BBP-COMP, BBP-MB, Bass BB Preamp, and Bass RC Booster at 15 volts, while their EP Booster, SL Drive, SP Compressor, AC Plus, BB Plus, and AC-COMP can be used at either 15 or 18-volts.

The Xotic Voltage Doubler is available now with a street price of $28.

Xotic Voltage Doubler Details:

9-Volt input
15-volt or 18-volt output
For use with Xotic effects

For more information:

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  1. Connor

    Too bad it can’t work with all effects and not JUST Xotics. Shame.