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Reader Spotlight: Jérôme Burnet

Jérôme Burnet

Jérôme Burnet has a great story, as you’ll see in this week’s Spotlight. Among the things we loved about his story includes his sense of humor, the unique bands he’s been a part of, and that he’s a magician too.

Here’s his story…


I’m a French guy living in London since 2001. I have been playing guitar since 1996 and bass since 2003… I feel more like a bassist now rather than a guitarist!


London / UK

Day gig:

I work as a Research Assistant in Cancer research.

Years experience:

12 years

Bands & Gigs:

I have had quite a few bands in my days in London.

I started in a rock/funk comedy band (my first bass role!) called Reality Cheques. I then moved on to a rock/metal band called Monster Fight. We disbanded in 2010 when the singer left for personal reasons. I then joined a weird rock band called Nasov, playing songs lasting an average of 80 seconds. When the singer went back to Italy, I joined a sludge/rock/metal band called Crybaby Deathmatch.

I then moved on to a proggyish rock band called Crown the Fool, which is my current main band. Although Monster Fight has reunited, so we are rehearsing to hit the stage again soon!


  • Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass
  • Fender Precision Bass 60th Anniversary, reliced and modified by myself (killswitch installed)
  • Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0
  • Behringer BOD 100 overdrive (great sound and dirt Cheap)
  • Boss Bass Chorus
  • Digitech Xbw X-series Bass Synth Wah Envelope Filter Effect
  • Tc Eletronic Polytune
  • Zoom MS-60B
  • Digitech Whammy (guitar model)

Why I play the bass:

I originally bought my bass just to add a layer on my guitar recordings. When I started looking for a band, I found that it was way easier and less competitive to get a bassist’s position… I have been playing bass in bands ever since, never have switched back to guitar. I still play a bit of guitar, but I consider myself as a bassist way more than a guitarist.

My bass superpower/claim to fame:

I do close up magic, so that got me in many backstage places where I could meet several of my idols.

My second super power is that my instruments look crazy / stupid / ugly (circle the appropriate answer)… I guess I like looking like a clown on stage.

Claim to Fame: We got the support slot for Terrorvision in Watford, but the show was pulled out for poor ticket sales. However, the organiser told us ue sold more tickets than Terrorvision!

My influences:

I listen to many different bands, of so different genres. But my main bass influences are Les Claypool (Primus), Ivan Rougny (Morglbl), Glenn Hughes, TM Stevens, Jared Followill, Daniel Lorca, Kim Deal, Chris Wolstenholme, Stuart Zender, Ryan Martinie, Stuart Hamm, James Lomenzo… So many more to mention!!!

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