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Reader Spotlight: Eero Pakkanen

Eero Pakkanen

When Eero Pakkanen shared his story with us, it wasn’t a long one, but it was one that caught my attention. Eero is a bass player’s bass player. It almost didn’t start out that way (be sure to read the part about how he got his start). All said, this week’s reader in the spotlight is doing it right.


I’m 28 year old bass player/teacher from Finland. I graduated from karelia university of applied sciences in June 2015 as bass teacher.


Joensuu, Finland

Day gig:

My main job is working as a bass instructor in a private music school in Joensuu, Finland. I plan on studying more music and teaching in the future for more job opportunities.

Years experience:

16 years and counting

Bands & Gigs:

I’m in a few bands at the moments. The most active is the jazz fusion band North River. My highlight with the band was playing a gig featuring the famed Finnish sax player Joonatan Rautio in July at Juttutupa, Helsinki. We played two of my own compositions, which was really nice.

Another band I’m in is progressive metal band called Status Minor. We have released two albums that have gotten some nice reviews and played shows in around Finland and Europe. Status Minor is currently on hiatus, but we are preparing our third album for a possible 2016 release.

I also do freelancing work on interesting new projects (Trio Alburnus, for example) and the occasional cover gigs etc.


  • Lakland Joe Osborn 44-60
  • Lakland 55-01
  • Eden Nemesis RS-400 head and 4×10 cabinet

Why I play the bass:

My friends formed a band when we were 12 years old and they needed a bass player. Luckily we had a bass at home (Charvel Eliminator) because my brother played it earlier but had stopped. I remember first being more interested in playing the guitar, because I thought you cant really hear the bass, mostly due to the heavy metal bands I was listening to starting up. Soon after I picked up the the bass, I started to understand the role of the instrument and fell in love with it pretty soon.

My bass superpower/claim to fame

I’ve been told I’m a steady player with good ears. As a musician, it’s important to have diversity to react with other players. I enjoy creating new original music above all.

My influences

The list coud go on and on… but some of my influences: Victor Bailey, Pekka Pohjola, Jaco Pastorius, Avishai Cohen, James Jamerson, Janek Gwizdala. I just love good musicians from every genre and any instrument.

Video (Alburnus Trio):

More on the web:

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Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

Pretty cool, really dug his bass solo too.