Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in October 2015

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Sandberg Guitars Now Shipping Forty Eight Bass

1. Sandberg Guitars Forty Eight Bass

Sandberg Guitars is now shipping the Forty Eight, a bass that throws back to old school rock and metal. The model is available in several finishes including a metallic hardcore aged red. The Forty Eight is built with European ash body for matte finishes or an alder body for aged finishes…

R. Hyde Guitars Unveils The Nuvo Bass

2. R. Hyde Guitars Nuvo Bass

Custom builder Ryan Hyde has fit tons of mojo into a small package with the Nuvo, a bass that fits in a guitar case and weighs less than five pounds. It features a short 30-3/8″ scale and a thin body to produce a signature tone…

Ken Smith Basses Introduces Single Cut Body Option

3. Ken Smith Basses Single Cut Body Option

Ken Smith is now offering a single cut body shape as an option to their neck thru models. The option is a first for the company, which has only offered double cut designs in the past. The first bass to receive the single cut treatment was a BSR5MS…

Daredevil Pedals Introduces The Almighty Bass

4. Daredevil Pedals Almighty Bass

Boutique builder Daredevil Pedals has introduced the Almighty Bass, a driver pedal featuring an original design that they say covers a wide scope of sounds. The pedal, which is hand-wired in Chicago, is described as having an aggressive feel and goes between “warm and deep, bright and fuzzed out, or any flavor in between…”

Spector Introduces CodaP 4 Pro and CodaPJ 4 Pro Basses

5. Spector CodaP 4 Pro and CodaPJ 4 Pro Basses

Spector has expanded their Coda Pro line with the CodaP 4 Pro and CodaPJ 4 Pro basses. The models are inspired by vintage design and are fitted with P and P/J pickup configurations, respectively, matched to the company’s TonePump Jr circuit…

G&L Guitars Introduces 35th Anniversary Model Basses

6. G&L Guitars 35th Anniversary Model Basses

Thirty-five years ago, Leo Fender and George Fullerton teamed up to form G&L Guitars. Now the company is celebrating with a line of 35th Anniversary models including three guitars and two basses: the LB-100 and the M-2000. Each instrument is finished in Emerald Green Metallic, representing the traditional gemstone of the 35th Anniversary, the emerald…

Barefaced Audio Introduces Eight 10 Bass Cabinet

7. Barefaced Audio Eight 10 Bass Cabinet

After introducing a compact 1×10 cabinet last month, Britain’s Barefaced Audio has gone the opposite direction with the Eight 10. The cab is loaded with eight 10CR250 drivers for a whopping 2000 watts of power handling, 104dB sensitivity, and a max SPL of 140dB…

Fodera Introduces Emperor II Hybrid and Tony Grey Signature Monarch Basses

8. Fodera Emperor II Hybrid and Tony Grey Signature Monarch Basses

Fodera has announced two new basses with the Emperor II Hybrid and the Tony Grey Signature Monarch. Both instruments are handmade in their custom shop and are expansions on their flagship models…

Keeley Electronics Introduces 30ms Automatic Double Tracker

9. Keeley Electronics 30ms Automatic Double Tracker

Keeley Electronics has introduced the 30ms Automatic Double Tracker. The stereo effect pedal works with bass, guitar, keyboard and vocals and offers an array of studio style doubling effects for creating thick textures. The company cites the early days of recording techniques as an influence behind the design…

3Leaf Audio Revamps Proton and Wonderlove Envelope Filters

10. 3Leaf Audio Revamped Proton and Wonderlove Envelope Filters

3Leaf Audio has revamped their Proton and Wonderlove envelope filters, saying the new versions “take the sound made famous by Stevie Wonder and push it to new heights.” Each effect retains its unique voicing with some added features for more flexibility…

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