Colin Trusedell Shows Hustle on New Album

Colin Trusedell Trio: It’s All About the HustleThe Colin Trusedell Trio, led by bassist Colin Trusedell, has released It’s All About the Hustle, Trusedell’s third album as a bandleader.

The record from Trusedell – who is adjunct Professor of Bass at Colorado State University – Pueblo and the Musical Director for the United States Air Force Academy Band’s Top 40 ensemble, Blue Steel – features all-original work that ranges from traditional to contemporary to Latin jazz. The title track tips its hat to the birthplace of jazz — New Orleans.

Check out “It’s All About the Hustle”:

It’s All About the Hustle is available for digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

It’s All About the Hustle Track List:

  1. Scotty B
  2. Hot Night
  3. Smokin’
  4. Only Love for You
  5. 2:15 Blues
  6. All in Bloom
  7. Camile
  8. A Candlelit Waltz
  9. Mon
  10. It’s All About the Hustle

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  1. Mark S B.

    That was awesome, as a kid running backstage at a wedding I came upon a bass, it stopped me from the sheer size, I reached out plucked a string and was in awe of this instrument towering over me, the sound it made seem to go thru me. The bass player showed me how to hold the instrument , showed me how he played.
    I never forgot that , I bought a bass when I was 17, no amp till I was 19, been hooked all my life. All songs I hear the bass stands out , I don’t think people who never touched a bass understand.