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Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in November 2015

Time flies when you’re having fun, and as each month comes to a close, it means it is time for our monthly bass gear roundup.

Here are the top 10 reader favorite gear stories for November, 2015. Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing!

Stash Stainless Bass Guitars Introduces Two New Models

1. Stash Stainless Bass Guitars’ Two New Models

Stash Stainless has expanded their innovative bass offerings with two new instruments: the Model E and the Model P. Similar to the original design, the new models are made almost entirely of stainless steel with a tubular acoustic neck and custom made split coil Alnico 5 pickup…

Kiesel Guitars Introduces Vader Headless Bass Series

2. Kiesel Guitars Vader Headless Bass Series

Kiesel Guitars has introduced a bass version of their Vader Series of instruments. Available in four, five, and six-string versions, the basses feature a headless design with a compact, beveled body for ergonomics. Each version has 24 frets and a 34-inch scale, though the option of a 30-inch short scale is available…

AC Guitars Introduces Salace E Type Bass

3. AC Guitars Salace E Type Bass

AC Guitars has introduced a new modded version of their Salace bass called the AC Guitars Salace E Type. Made in collaboration with bassist Ewan Beck, the single cut design is available with a variety of options but is built with several goals in mind…

Seymour Duncan Releases The Apollo Jazz Bass Linear Humbucker Pickup

4. Seymour Duncan Apollo Jazz Bass Linear Humbucker Pickup

Seymour Duncan has added to their line of bass pickups with the Apollo Jazz Bass Linear Humbucker. The new model employs two coils that sit next to each other under a standard single-coil-sized cover…

Acoustic Amplification Introduces Class-D/Neo Series

5. Acoustic Amplification Class-D/Neo Series

Acoustic Amplification has introduced a new series of Class-D/Neo bass amplifiers including heads, cabinets, and combo amps. The new models are approximately 40 percent lighter than the company’s previous models…

Warwick Introduces Rockboard RBO LT XL Power Supply

6. Warwick Rockboard RBO LT XL Power Supply

Warwick has introduced the Rockboard RBO LT XL, a rechargeable power station for effects pedals. The unit features long-lasting, rechargeable lithium ion batteries to power pedals for up to 50 hours without having to be plugged into a wall outlet…

Keeley Electronics Introduces the Seafoam Plus Chorus

7. Keeley Electronics Seafoam Plus Chorus

Keeley Electronics has introduced the Seafoam Plus, a stompbox that packs a chorus, double tracker, and reverb into one pedal. It uses the company’s new DSP platform and can be internally switched to be tailored for bass or guitar…

Providence Unveils Bass Boot Comp BTC-1 Pedal

8. Providence Bass Boot Comp BTC-1 Pedal

Providence has expanded their line of bass effects with the Bass Boot Comp BTC-1, a compressor pedal that includes Threshold and Mix effects to dial in a variety of sounds…

Blackstar Amps Unveils Tone:Link Bluetooth Audio Receiver

9. Blackstar Amps Tone:Link Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Blackstar Amps has unveiled the Tone:Link, a Bluetooth audio receiver that allows any amp or device with a line-in jack to use Bluetooth for streaming. It works with bass amps, guitar amps, PAs, home stereos, headphones and car speakers…

SolidGoldFX Introduces The Apollo II Phaser Pedal

10. SolidGoldFX Apollo II Phaser Pedal

SolidGoldFX’s Apollo phaser has been updated to The Apollo II. The stompbox combines an all-analog, four-stage phaser circuit with the company’s tap tempo microprocessor. The Apollo II now has an 11-position detent knob that controls a variety of distinct waveforms…

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