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Mike Zabrin: Slice/What’s The Deal

After releasing Funktastic last year, bassist Mike Zabrin is back with a new single called “Slice”. Starting as a tender and introspective piece, the song morphs into a mid-tempo groove before kicking it up another notch into an upbeat jam.

Check out this clip of Zabrin and his band throwing down on “Slice” as well as “What’s the Dea?” from Funktastic.

“Slice” is avaialble as a free download via BandCamp.

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Steven Smith

good stuff here. so great to see more and more lefties out there puttin’ it down. he starts off with sort of a snarky puppy feel and then goes into the funk. fantastic! guess i’ll need to check out more of this guy.

Mike Matthews

Oh yeah, good time music going on in this one. Dig his Lakin & GK tone. Good Stuff!