Mike Zabrin’s Funktastic: My O My

The groove machine known as Mike Zabrin’s Funktastic has returned with a video for their new single, “My O My,” and it’s a killer. After kicking off with a New Orleans-inspired beat, the song drops into a slower, sultry groove with vocals, only to return to the upbeat stroll.

“I also used my inspirations from the JBS, The Meters, Bootsy Collins, and more to create this fun high energy vibe from the driving bass line up,” bassist and bandleader Zabrin tells us. “The track features vocalist Amber Ronae, whose soulful voice really brought the track to life. This track, in particular, I would describe as a party with a funky head bobbing breakdown. It’s a musical conversation between 8 people captured in the moment and filmed live. All music video was filmed live including guitar, organ, horns, and bass was recorded live as the video was shot. Notice we’re not wearing any headphones! Due to the acoustic design of the space, we were able to record without any bleed problems.”

Zabrin locks in with Alfonzo Jones the whole way for a feel that will get you moving in no time.

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