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1974 Rush Session Reveals Early Live Sound

Rush: The Lady Gone ElectricThe sound of early live Rush is available on The Lady Gone Electric, which documents a 1974 live radio broadcast of the group, playing songs from its debut album and the then soon-to-be released Fly By Night from Electric Lady Studios in New York.

The event also marked the first recording featuring Neil Peart on drums for the Canadian trio featuring Geddy Lee on bass and vocals and Alex Lifeson on guitar.

Long available as a bootleg, this version of the recording in front of a studio audience of less than a dozen also includes several tracks from the band’s U.S. television debut on “Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert.”

Check out “Bad Boy” from The Lady Gone Electric:

The Lady Gone Electric is available on CD, vinyl (import) and as a digital download.

The Lady Gone Electric Track List:

  1. Finding My Way
  2. Best I Can
  3. In The Mood
  4. Anthem
  5. Need Some Love
  6. Fly By Night
  7. Here Again
  8. Bad Boy
  9. Working Man
  10. Best I Can
  11. In the Mood
  12. Finding My Way

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Mark S B.

Mark S B.

This brings back memories of the good old days am happy to have been young and had fun during that time period, now days I refuse to cower in fear of the recent tragic events.

Tim Lazar

I think they just out-Zeppelined Led Zeppelin. that solo at the end is reminiscent of Jimmy Page’s solo on Heartbreaker. Shame they never played this with Neil.