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Best of 2015: The Top 10 Reader Favorite Basses

Throughout 2015, we covered a lot of new basses hitting the market. The total number was nearly 100 in all, and those were viewed 300,000 times during the course of the year.

Here are the top 10 most read and most shared stories in 2015 on No Treble featuring new basses. Enjoy!

Marcus Miller Teams with Sire Guitars for New Signature Basses

1. Sire Guitars Marcus Miller Signature Basses

Marcus Miller has a new line of signature instruments with Sire Guitars. The series is based on two models – the J-bass inspired V7 and the modern-styled M3 – and aims to create quality instruments at low prices. Miller describes how the series comes about in this interview video…

Ibanez Unveils 40th Anniversary 2609B Black Eagle Bass

2. Ibanez 40th Anniversary 2609B Black Eagle Bass

Ibanez has announced they will reissue the famed 2609B, also known as the Black Eagle bass. Admitting they are not apt to reissue many instruments, the company says the limited edition run marks the 40th anniversary of the classic model…

The Wing Bass Now Available

3. The Wing Bass

Bassists looking for a portable bass to travel, practice and perform on have a new option. Measuring in at just 21 inches, the Wing Bass is an instrument that feels and plays like the top range of a bass guitar…

Fender Updates Geddy Lee and Steve Harris Signature Basses

4. Fender’s Updated Geddy Lee and Steve Harris Signature Basses

Rush’s Geddy Lee and Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris are having their Fender signature models spruced up for 2015. Each of the signature models have been around for years but will be getting new specs and features…

Ibanez Adds Fanned Fret SR Models to Bass Workshop Series

5. Ibanez Bass Workshop Series Fanned Fret SR Models

One of the many new basses at Ibanez’s booth this year was the SRFF, a fanned-fret version of their flagship SR bass. Available in five- and six-string models, the bass features a multi-scale setup to optimize the tonal performance of each string…

Ibanez Introduces BTB33 Volo Bass

6. Ibanez BTB33 Volo Bass

Ibanez has introduced the BTB Volo to their conceptual Bass Workshop Series. The Volo is a fresh take on the company’s BTB model that is aimed at players looking to explore the higher registers. The five-string bass features a shorter 33-inch scale and comes factory tuned from E to C…

Ibanez Announces Talman Bass Series

7. Ibanez Talman Bass Series

Ibanez is taking a page out of the old school with their new Talman Bass Series, consisting of the TMB300 and TMB100. The basses, which feature a retro aesthetic, share many of the same features with the 300 having an edge in features…

Fender Introduces Deluxe Active Okoume Basses

8. Fender Deluxe Active Okoume Basses

Fender had a lot of new gear at NAMM this year including the Deluxe Active Okoume series. The basses, which feature okoume bodies with a natural finish, come in Jazz Bass, Jazz Bass V, and Precision Bass Special versions…

Schecter Adds Model-T Bass to Session Series

9. Schecter Session Series Model-T Bass

After introducing the series last year, Schecter has announced they’re adding the Model-T bass model to the Session Series. The bass features a classic aesthetic and follows the lineup’s description of “no frills looks with high end electronics…”

Fender Custom Shop Announces 2015 Lineup

10. Fender Custom Shop’s 2015 Lineup

Every year, Fender announces a new lineup from their Custom Shop that includes at least one bass. The 2015 series includes four basses: the Limited Edition 1955 Precision Bass, the Postmodern Precision Jazz Bass, the 1959 Journeyman Relic Precision Bass, and the 1960 Journeyman Jazz Bass…

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