Carol Kaye: Boogaloo

Today’s video isn’t really a video, but we don’t care.

Once you hear Carol Kaye laying it down, we don’t think you’ll mind either.

This is “Boogaloo,” from Kaye’s Picking UP on the E String album.

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  1. Haywood Jublomi

    Sounds an awful lot like “On Any Sunday”, also played by Kaye. Both great bass showcases.

  2. A pioneer in the bass world ….LEGENDARY! If ever there should be a comprehensive documentary on an individual musician,Carol Kaye should be right up there.For now,the Wrecking Crew documentary touches on some of her historical moments .

  3. MaryBeth Pepe

    She deserves a grammy!

  4. stephen

    “Mostly, these musicians were jazz players brought in from Los Angeles’s teeming nightclub scene to lend their chops to the recordings of rock bands, some of whom (like the Monkees) rarely touched an instrument inside a studio. So, dramatic liberties aside, it’s unlikely that “How does that work?” was a phrase uttered by the now 81-year-old Kaye, whom Wilson and Quincy Jones have called the greatest bassist in the world.” BTW- that’s Brian Wilson who Carol was asking. Read the entire piece at