Peter Erskine’s Latest Features Janek Gwizdala on Bass

Peter Erskine: Dr. UmDrummer Peter Erskine, known for his work with a variety of artists and his days in the great fusion band Weather Report, has released a new album, Dr. Um, that takes him back to the kind of drumming he did as a fusion player.

Erskine calls it, “the kind of record that I’ve wanted to make for years, the kind of album Weather Report might have made were the band still around (and I was still in it).”

Janek Gwizdala, known for his solo and collaborative work, as well as his teaching, plays on the album, and Erskine name-checked one of his former bandmates in Weather Report when describing Gwizdala’s prowess. “Janek Gwizdala is, in my opinion, the most talented bass player to have come along since Jaco. It’s not just the chops. It’s the sound and the ideas and the bass discipline that only the best bassists know.”

The album features new work, but also revisits “Speechless,” from Erskine’s last Weather Report album with Jaco Pastorius. “The original is terrific, but I’m pretty proud and knocked out by this passionate version,” Erskine said.

Dr. Um is available on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Dr. Um Track List:

  1. You’re Next
  2. Lost Page
  3. Hawaii Bathing Suit
  4. Bourges Buenos Aires
  5. Little Fun K
  6. Mahler
  7. Sage Hands
  8. Okraphilia
  9. Speechless
  10. Sprite
  11. Northern Cross
  12. You Awake

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  1. Really love this one. It’s my favorite Janek recording!

    • Johnie

      Ermagahhhh! It’s soooo damn good, all around. I was listening to “Joy Luck” just yesterday (very nice Damian) and now I see this! Your uncle seems to bring out the best in bass players. Peter is a magician. And yeah, Janek sounds AMAZING on this album.