Reed James Engineering Introduces VVN NEOA5 Pickups

Reed James VVN NEOA5 PickupsReed James Engineering was at the 2016 Winter NAMM show to introduce the VVN NEOA5 set of pickups. Based on their VVN RJNEO set, the new pickups differentiate themselves by creating a relationship between the neodymium magnets and vintage Alnico 5 rod magnets.

“We mated precise amounts of each magnet material to create the magnetic pull and field in order to obtain our desired result,” owner James Reed wrote. “The goal was to combine some of the vintage peak of standard A5 Jazz bass pickups with the modern dynamics and output while maintaining the completely noiseless operation.”

The Reed James Engineering VVN NEOA5 pickups come in four through six string versions as well as various sizes with prices of $225 for the four-string and $250 for five and six string versions.

Reed James VVN NEOA5 Pickups Details:

4-6 Strings
Various Sizes
Neodymium and Alnico 5 Magnet Material

For more information:
Reed James Engineering

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