Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in January 2016

January is the start of a run of big bass gear news coverage for us, starting with NAMM.

And January had plenty of highlights – with a lot more to come.

Here are the top 10 most read gear stories on No Treble for the month. Thanks as always for reading, commenting and sharing.

Fodera Unveils the Monarch-P Bass

1. Fodera Monarch-P Bass

Fodera presented the new Monarch-P model at the 2016 Winter NAMM Show. Based on their Monarch four-string bass, the Monarch-P is a Standard model that aims to couple a vintage split-coil sound with Fodera’s playability…

Godin Guitars Announces Passion RG-4 Bass

2. Godin Guitars Passion RG-4 Bass

Godin Guitars will be showing the new Passion RG-4 Swamp Ash Bass at the 2016 Winter NAMM show. Following the Passion guitar line, the RG-4 features five tuned, Synchronized Resonance Chambers that are interconnected inside the body for air transfer…

Darkglass Electronics Announces Microtubes B7K Ultra

3. Darkglass Electronics Microtubes B7K Ultra

Finland’s Darkglass Electronics kicked things into overdrive at NAMM this year with the new Microtubes B7K Ultra. Based on their B7K, the Ultra expands the pedal’s flexibility with a dedicated footswitch to engage the overdrive section, a Master volume knob, and switches for the mid control frequencies…

Peavey’s MiniMEGA Bass Amp Now Shipping

4. Peavey’s MiniMEGA Bass Amp

Peavey is now shipping their MiniMEGA 1000 watt bass amplifier. The nine pound head unit utilizes the company’s KOSMOS circuitry to provide increased bass impact…

Washburn Announces Sonamaster SB1 Bass

5. Washburn Sonamaster SB1 Bass

Beginning bassists have a new option with the Washburn Sonamaster SB1 bass. The entry-level instrument, which comes in Black and Tobacco-Sunburst finishes, is inspired by their ’80s models in its body shape, reverse headstock, and offset position markers…

Tech 21 Unveils Bass Fly Rig at NAMM 2016

6. Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig

Tech 21 introduced a Bass version of the Fly Rig 5 at NAMM this year, fitting five of their famed pedals into one. The Bass Fly Rig includes a SansAmp, Octafilter, Chorus, Compressor, and a Boost rolled into one pedal with extra connectivity for versatility…

Ernie Ball Music Man Unveils 40th Anniversary “Old Smoothie” StingRay Bass

7. Ernie Ball Music Man 40th Anniversary “Old Smoothie” StingRay Bass

Ernie Ball Music Man kicked off the NAMM Show this year with a press conference to reveal new products, including the 40th Anniversary “Old Smoothie” StingRay Bass. The bass is modeled after a 1976 prototype featuring a 10 pole piece pickup design that gives it a smooth tone…

Peavey Reintroduces the Cirrus Bass

8. Peavey Reintroduced Cirrus Bass

Nineteen years after it debuted, Peavey reintroduced the Cirrus bass to their instrument lineup at the 2016 Winter NAMM Show. The neck-thru design will once again be available in four-, five-, and six-string models featuring a 35-inch scale maple and mahogany neck…

Sonoma Wire Works Introduces Two New Audio Interfaces

9. Sonoma Wire Works Audio Interfaces

Sonoma Wire Works has unveiled the GuitarJack Stage and StudioJack Mini, a pair of audio interfaces compatible on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android systems. Each model features dual in and out jacks with 24-bit/48kHz AD/DA converters…

Electro-Harmonix Introduces the Bass Preacher

10. Electro-Harmonix Bass Preacher

Electro-Harmonix unveiled the Bass Preacher at the Winter NAMM Show this year. The compact compressor/sustainer pedal is designed specifically for bass guitar to manipulate its dynamics…

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