Sadowsky Introduces Satin Series Bass Guitars

Sadowsky has unveiled the Satin Series, a lineup that brings their chambered, NYC-made basses to nearly half the cost of a built-to-order custom instrument. The instruments include their 21 fret Vintage Style J Bass and 24 fret Modern Bass models built in batch with limited options.

Sadowsky Satin Series 21-fret Orange Bass

“We’re committed to serving the working musician, so we found a way to thin our costs,” Sam Sadowsky told us at NAMM. “We did that by [making it so] you can’t order them, there are no fancy woods, no custom options. We just build them and list them as we see fit, and you’ve got to be on the stock page when they get listed to get one. It’s still made in the same factory in New York City.”

Each of the basses features either a chambered ash body with a maple fingerboard or a chambered alder body with an East Indian rosewood fingerboard. The J-style bass will be fitted with a pair of Sadowsky’s humcancelling pickups or their Single Coil pickups with the ‘60s wind, while the Modern style will have their soapbar pickups in “bridge forward” (modern) locations.

Satin basses will come in a variety of colors: Candy Apple Orange, Candy Apple Red, Lake Placid Blue, Shoreline Gold Metallic, Ocean Blue Metallic, Ice Blue Metallic, Sage Green Metallic, Inca Silver Metallic, Black Cherry Metallic, and White Pearl. Other common features include a Sadowsky preamp, Hipshot Ultralite tuners, and a Sadowsky bridge.

The Sadowsky Satin Series basses are available for order now with prices of $2900 for four-string models and $2975 for five-string models.

Sadowsky Satin Bass Details:

Strings:4 or 5
Body:Chambered Ash or Chambered Alder
Neck:Graphite-Reinforced Maple
Fingerboard:Maple or East Indian Rosewood
Pickups:Hum-Cancelling J-J or Single Coils for 21-fret model, Sadowsky Soapbars for 24-fret model
Electronics:Sadowsky Preamp with Volume, Pan, Vintage Tone Control (VTC) with bypass switch, stacked Treble/Bass boost
Tuners:Hipshot Ultralite

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