Fuzzrocious Pedals Announces Feed Me and Anomalies Pedals

Fuzzrocious Pedals has launched two new pedals: the Feed Me and the Anomalies. Each of the models are built in-house by Fuzzrocious in their New Jersey shop.

Fuzzrocious Feed Me Pedal

Feed Me

Feed Me includes EQ, preamp, and tone shaping capabilities with a level boost. Four knobs have 12-position rotary potentiometers, offering up to 20,736 tone stacks. The extreme versatility makes it handy anywhere on your board, says Fuzzrocious. “Place it first and have a switchable tone stack to drive your other pedals. It will alter the sound of your instrument and pickups. For example, set up a tone stack/sound to make your strat sound more like a tele or your P bass pickup sound like a J. Place it after your all of your pedals and let them be effected by the tone stack. Make a muddy delay sound brighter or scoop the mids on a middy drive to make it feel more brutal for your noodle.”

Fuzzrocious Anomalies Pedal


Anomalies is the company’s first crack at a delay pedal.

“It takes a PT2399 delay chip, chops the circuit down to a bare bones operation, and transforms it into a very special beast,” Fuzzrocious writes, adding that the circuit is chopped down to create a “lo-fi, dirty delay.”

It also has a momentary footswitch that can shift your delay time to either a faster or slower time about four times in either direction. Anomalies will be built in batches with each run of 25 featuring art with a different anomaly of nature.

The Fuzzrocious Feed Me and Anomalies pedals will be available April 15th with prices of $155 each.

Fuzzrocious Feed Me Pedal Features:

Screenprinted and powdercoated locally by JuxtaPrints
Handmade by Fuzzrocious in-house
Four 12-position rotary pots, one Volume pot, and one Tone pot
20,736 possible tone combinations

Fuzzrocious Anomalies Pedal Features:

Handpainted by Fuzzrocious or screenprinted/powdercoated locally by JuxtaPrints
Handmade by Fuzzrocious in-house
Repeats and Time pots, fast/slow slow/fast toggle, internal mix trimpot, internal time trimpot

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